Financing with Numerica

Offering a financing option can benefit both you and your customers. There are three main benefits of offering financing:

Larger Orders

A high one-time payment may limit how much a customer purchases. If you turn that high one-time payment into low monthly payments, they often increase the size of their purchase.

Turn Lookers into Buyers

While some showroom visitors may just be browsing, they are more likely to take action when they realize they do not need to “save up” for their office furniture. They can get new furniture now with a low monthly payment.

Eliminate Sticker Shock

Many first-time buyers are surprised by the price of office furniture compared to home furniture. Financing changes the focus from the total price tag to the low monthly payment.

Here are two resources that can help you explain the financing process to customers:

PDF: Office Furniture Financing Made Easy (right click and choose Save As to download)

Video: How to Finance Office Furniture (feel free to share this link with customers)

Benefits of Working with Numerica Capital

Specialize in Furniture Financing

As furniture financing specialists, we understand the financing process better than companies that offer a broad range of financing. Our focus allows us to streamline the process for you and your customers.

Get More Customers Approved

Financing is not very helpful if only a small percentage of customers can get approved. By working with multiple lenders, we get the vast majority of customers approved. Our approval ratio is over 80%.

Easy for Customers and Dealers

No one finds the financing process fun. So we go to great lengths to make the process as easy as possible for you and your customers. Once your customer contacts us, we ensure they are providing the minimum number of documents possible to get financed. And, we keep you up-to-date on every step of the process.

Find out why so many furniture dealers choose Numerica Capital as their only financing source. Contact Kristi Gorrell at (949) 390-8197 or send an email.