Our Partners - Planning Ahead for Success

img1.jpg, 3.8kB Numerica Capital Group enables office furniture and entertainment equipment vendors to offer flexible financing options to their customers. Our unique ability to market and help you sell more, along with our credit depth and experience, are differentiators that you can count on. At the end of the day, our job is to make you more successful by closing more business with a positive experience which, in turn, increases your customer loyalty.


The Power of Persuasion

Moving that “maybe” to a “yes” can be one of the most critical steps in closing a deal. Let financing be your best selling tool. Financing plays an essential role in virtually every successful business strategy, and many companies utilize financing to acquire their office furniture and entertainment equipment. Financing provides many benefits to both you and your customers — perks that make signing a deal pleasant for everyone.

Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Offering alternatives to “writing the check” for your customer is imperative to helping move the sale along. Offer financing with your proposal. We can help by matching their business cash flow to a monthly payment.

Gives Your Customers Choice

You can finance this product for low monthly payments, or purchase it outright for a large lump sum.
Ask : “Which works best for your budget?”

100% Financing

Very little money down is needed —often only the first and/or last month’s payments are due at signing. Since a down payment is not required, this is equivalent to 100% financing. This means your customers will have more money to invest in revenue generating activities.

Credit Depth – Start-ups to Fortune 1000 Companies

Most financing companies focus on a narrow credit window (“A” credits only; hard collateral only, etc.) Numerica Capital Group has a full stable of finance programs offering competitive programs for start-ups to large publically traded companies as well as deals as small as $10,000 to $1,000,000+. As a member of OneWorld Business Finance, the only equipment-financing cooperative, we have additional lending capacity and exclusive access to additional regional credit markets. This increases the number of approvals for our clients.

Dedicated Account Manager

While it takes more than a single person to handle your transactions, your dedicated account manager is tied directly to your program. They have complete responsibility from helping create the program to integrating and implementing it. Your account manager will help you educate your sales group, help development marketing opportunities, and work with you as your teammate to facilitate your sale.