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Office Furniture Financing Made Easier

Growing businesses need the right office furniture to create a productive work environment. And financing or leasing is a great way to pay for it on a monthly basis versus a big upfront cost. The challenge is that many growing companies do not fit into the pre-defined box that banks require for financing. That is where Numerica can help.

More Flexibility

Simply put, we can be more flexible than other companies, both in financing offerings and the type of furniture you want to buy. Some manufacturers offer financing (if you meet their strict criteria). However, if you want to buy a mix of manufacturers’ products, you are out of luck with manufacturer financing. At Numerica, we are brand agnostic. We want you to find the right office furniture for your needs, regardless of the brand. Then we can make it so that all of your furniture and other equipment, such as phones, computers, and software, are all rolled into one convenient monthly payment.

Smoother Process

Completing all of the paperwork for financing is never fun. Nevertheless, we work hard to make it as smooth and easy for you as possible. We explain why each component is necessary, and work with you to make sure it is what the lender needs for an approval. It is all part of our effort to make the financing process easier.

Contact Numerica Capital Group to make financing your office furniture easier: (800) 570-8200.