Office Furniture

New and growing businesses need the right office furniture to build a productive work environment and create the desired image for their business, but often lack upfront capital or don’t fit the predetermined box banks require for financing. This is where Numerica Capital Group can help. We’ve experienced this struggle and can build a custom finance solution to help you create a space where your employees can prosper.

Offering greater flexibility throughout the funding process–which means fewer limitations for you.

Some funding sources won’t finance used equipment, a mix of brands together, or equipment from multiple vendors. Others won’t include soft costs such as delivery, installation or training into the financing; a clear indication of their lack of interest in your business.

At Numerica, our goal is not to tell you what you can’t do – but instead to help grow the list of things you can. We work to get the equipment your business requires, from the brands and styles you want, through the most effective financing solution for your unique situation.

In addition to our network of dedicated funding source partners, Numerica is capable of self-funding deals, which provides additional advantage to our clients. Not only can this increase the speed at which you receive funds, it allows us to design truly custom financing solutions, if perhaps you don’t meet the requirements of third party lenders.

Making the application process easier for everyone.

We’ll be the first to admit it, nobody enjoys filling out credit and financing applications. That’s why we make it as easy as possible. We’ll explain why each component is necessary, and work with you to submit a complete package ready for approval – not just an application. We are by your side from application to delivery to ensure a smooth, hassle-free financing process from start to finish.